Meet Dr. Robert Wade

My passion for treating children arose primarily from my son Ben’s serious illness as a baby. He ended up having surgery at ten months old and that corrected his problems, but I learned a great deal along the way. When we took him for a visit to a doctor or hospital that mostly saw adults and a few children, the providers were uncertain of what to expect and how to deal with a baby/toddler. My son, wife, and I felt their uncertainty and felt uneasy as a result.

When we went to a pediatric specialist or children’s hospital, they knew what to expect from children at various developmental levels, were relaxed and confident with my son’s crying and our fears, and provided what we all needed based on our son’s age and condition.

The relief I felt in a specialist environment for children ignited a passion in me to provide that same child-centered, relaxed environment for children’s dental care. Having provided this type of child-centered environment as a child and family therapist for nearly ten years laid the groundwork for translating my family’s experiences into a one-of-a-kind pediatric dental practice!

Here are some facts about me:


  • B.S. in psychology and pre-health sciences – Creighton University
  • Master of Science in child and family counseling – Creighton University
  • Nearly ten years of experience as a child and family counselor, specializing in anxiety and behavioral concerns of children
  • Doctorate of Dental Surgery – University of Iowa
  • Research scholar in pain and anxiety control during dental care with research presented yearly at the American Academy of Dental Research national meeting
  • Residency as a pediatric dental specialist – University of Missouri-Kansas City/Children’s Mercy Hospital
    • Dental house officer in pediatric dentistry, Children’s Mercy Hospital; co-chief resident during second year.
    • Taught clinical pediatric dentistry to dental students, University of Missouri-Kansas City College of Dentistry
    • Awarded specialty certificate in pediatric dentistry, UMKC/Children’s Mercy Hospital

Continuing Education

I routinely earn two to four times the amount of continuing education required by law and by my specialty association. Areas of special interest for me in continuing dental education are:

  • Pain and anxiety control in children
  • Technology to enhance patient comfort
  • Laser dentistry
  • Effective communication with children
  • Growth and development
  • Tongue and lip ties, their impact on breast feeding, and laser surgical correction of them

These areas of continuing education benefit my patients by teaching me the latest findings and skills to provide my patients with the latest ways to make their dental visits as relaxed and pain-free as possible.

I am board certified in pediatric dentistry by the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry. This certification indicates that through extensive written and oral examination, a pediatric dental specialist meets the criteria for endorsement by the board. Board certification also requires ongoing testing and a higher standard of continuing education to maintain status as board certified.

Professional Memberships

Personal Information

I was born and raised in Council Bluffs. My wife Faye and I have two great kids: one in college and one just graduated. I spend my time away from the office with my family, often watching movies or our recent favorite TV series. 

I love technology and gadgets, especially cars. Outside of professional time, I can be found researching the latest automobile technology or washing and polishing one of my own. 

Children’s advocacy and healthcare organizations such as Holt International Children’s Services and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital are important causes for me. 

About Our Team

My staff is a highly trained and committed group of professionals focused on providing a safe and fun experience for your child while training him or her to care for the teeth now and for a lifetime. 

Each one approaches children in their own way with their unique personality. Some are more bouncy and some more calm, but all of my staff members are effective in helping children learn that they are special and important!

About Our Office

There is not another office like ours! From the time your child enters the reception area, their beliefs about what dentists’ offices are like are challenged. How can the ceiling tip like that? How can that wall be all wrinkly? If your child’s expectations about the physical aspects of the office are challenged, it can lead them to challenge their expectations about what they will find undergoing care with us! 

I train my staff in the appropriate care of infants, children, and teens. All ages of young people are welcome and enjoy our office. We take a team approach to caring for your son or daughter so everyone — children, parents, staff, and I — has an investment in good dental care and pleasant dental visits!